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Annual Summit Journals

NEW FOR 2022!

These journals were created to walk you through the summit experience. The annual summit is an opportunity to reflect on the past, dream about tomorrow, and to plan for today. Our hope is that these journals help you live your life on purpose!

But first things first...what exactly is an annual summit? And why should we do it? Great questions! We're glad you asked!

My Summit Experience

We started our summit tradition three years ago in January. It wasn't pretty, but it left its mark! Each year it gains momentum and becomes more meaningful. This past year it really helped us make some big life decisions that have blessed our family in so many ways. Writing down our shared values and taking the time to dream together are actually how these journals came to be. We can't wait to see how 2022 unfolds for our family!

- Jennie Murphy

Co-founder of Family Nexus

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